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Coffee@TRIS is a monthly motivational talk to enlighten our students on career options and various other topics of importance by eminent personalities of national and international fame such as VCs, Top ranking IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS officers, technocrats and management gurus.

Year 2021

Mr Tom H Walker, a member of the designer panel of Concord aircraft was the Guest on January 16, 2021. The videos and diagrams of the making of Concord Flight made the session so unforgettable. It was a great experience for the students to interact with such a great technocrat.
Mr Jude Antony Samuel, an adept at Artificial Intelligence was the guest speaker of February Edition which was held on February 20, 2021. He interacted with students on Process automation and Artificial Intelligence. The students were really amazed as the Guest Speaker revealed the scope of Artificial Intelligence.
Dr Mani Kurian, Associate Professor in Community College Baltimore County, U S A was the Guest Speaker in a special programme conducted on April 10, 2021. He talked about the Admission Procedure to Community College of Baltimore. It was so useful for those students who are aspiring to go abroad for higher studies. They can pursue their dreams confidently because they have to pay much less than what they have to pay in other colleges in the U S A.
Ms Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa IFS (Retd) addressed the student community on July 24, 2021. With surgical precision, she discussed The Indian Foreign Service as a career option. Her vast experience in the Foreign Service left an indelible print in the minds of the students.
Adv SAS Navaz I R S (retd) led the session on Aug 28, 2021. His discussion focussed on the importance of sports in schools and the career options in sports. It was a new light for the students to know that a promising career is waiting for them in the field of sports.
Ms Seema Nayak, Chief Compliance Officer, NCDEX, opened a less trodden path in front of the students. She discussed careers on the stock Exchange on Sept 25, 2021. The students were really enthralled by the scope of this new area opened for them now.
Ms Elizabeth Kuruvilla, MD, Green Shine, UAE interacted with students on October 23, 2021, on entrepreneurship. She highlighted her experience as a corporateur and entrepreneur giving a vivid description of her career graph.

Year 2020

Dr Sabu Thomas, V C of M G University, who was listed in the world top 2% scientists by Stanford University (USA), interacted with students on August 16, 2020. He spoke about the academic excellence and the scope of Nano Technology. This helped the students to think with more focus.
Mr Deepak Markose, an entrepreneur and consultant, illumined our students with Investment Management on Sept 12, 2020. With his expertise in the international market, he convinced the students of the scope in the field.
Miss Remya Subrahmanian, a scholar at the University of Chicago spoke on the unconventional courses in Foreign Universities on September 19, 2020. She advised the students how to take up higher studies at Foreign Universities and how to avail scholarships and assistance abroad. The students who are aspiring to go abroad received it with great relief.
Dr Subrahmanian K V, the Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India, addressed the students on October 10, 2020. His focus was on personal excellence. He asserted the need of setting goals. The scope of economics in developing and developed countries was clearly explained.
Air Commodore (Rtd) Ajay Grover enlightened our students on career options in Indian Air Force. His class filled the students with patriotic fervour and the desire to obtain a reliable and rewarding profession.
Mr Amitab Chowdhari I P S, former ADGP of Jharkand and BCCI Secretary, present PSC Chairman, Jharkand was the Guest speaker of December Edition, held on December 19, 2020. While talking about ‘the lessons he learnt from his service’ he advised the students how to prepare for Civil Service and how to serve the nation by being a civil servant.